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Dogs on-line course, you will receive a 25% off coupon code for products from Canine Scent Institute.  You can train your dog to find truffles, antlers or even competition scents using CSI Scent Detection Training Kits at

Oregon Black Truffles
Oregon Black Truffles (reminiscent of dog noses)

To far to visit in person?  Try our On-Line course – Click Here to enroll in NW Truffle Dogs multi-media on-line introductory truffle dog training course created by Canine Scent Institute. This on-line course features a combination of demonstration videos, practical exercises and multimedia teaching. Scent detection supplies and sample scent material are available from CSI at   You will only need to provide treats. Prerequisites: There are no required prerequisites for enrollment in this course.  Some basic obedience is helpful, though not required.  No prior scent detection training is necessary.
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Visit our Truffle Dog Course page to learn more and enroll today in our self paced independent learning course.

Welcome to NW Truffle Dogs where you can find everything you need to train your own truffle dogs from start to finish.

We have  been in business longer than any other truffle dog training company in the Northwest.

We developed curriculum used in the Oregon Truffle Festival and we have  provided demonstrations for the Napa Truffle Festival, Portland Pet and Companion Fair, the Pet Expo, NY Times and a number of television and print media outlets.  Our certified dogs have surveyed and foraged forests and plantations from coast-to-coast.

Need a little more help?  Contact us at for referrals to qualified scent detection trainers in your area.

The Truffle Blog

Oregon White Truffles
The voluptuous oregon white truffle – Tuber oregonense

Please visit our Blog for weekly articles to help you train your own truffle dog, or learn more about the buzz.  What are truffles?  Why do I want to find them?  What kind of dog do I need?  Come to our free training to get the answers to these questions and more.  We will walk you through the entire process step-by-step.  We will show you where we have found truffles in the past, how to build relationships with property owners, and what you need to do to protect yourself from running afoul of the law.

What you won’t find here are high priced training packages, get rich quick promises, or unrealistic claims of “gold in them thar hills”.

The Road to the Truffle

Truffles are not a “new thing” and the concept of hunting them in the Northwest has been around….probably longer than documentation reveals. We do know that the Council Of Jewish Women published a cookbook in 1912 title “The Neighborhood Cookbook” featuring recipes including native culinary truffles. We also know that they grow in a symbiotic relationship with Douglas fir and that they are simultaneously prolific and elusive.


Truffle Dog Training
Imprinting dogs on truffle scent.
Hunting truffles with a dog.
As natural to dogs as hunting for food.