Truffle Dog Media

NY Times NW Truffle Dogs takes The New York Times food reporter on an authentic Northwest foray.


NW Pet Fair NW Truffle Dogs sponsors the first ever truffle dog competition, two years in a row at the NW Pet & Companion Fair.


Clackamas Review NW Truffle Dogs brings the Clackamas Review up to speed on the magic in the woods.


Oregon Truffle Festival NW Truffle Dogs conducts truffle dog training seminar for 2011 truffle festival attendees and receives rave reviews from participants.


Napa Truffle Festival The Napa Truffle Festival invites NW Truffle Dogs down to provide truffle hunting demonstrations to attendees of this exclusive event.


Inside Clackamas County (Start at 5:05) A local look at a the budding truffle industry as portrayed by NW Truffle Dogs.


OregonLive Another look at NW Truffle Dogs at the Northwest Pet & Companion Fair.


South Whidbey Record NW Truffle Dogs provides clinic to scent detection enthusiasts interested in expanding their scent repertoire.




Truffle 3
Truffle 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)