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Free Truffle Dog Class – WHY?

People keep asking me why we have started providing truffle dog training free at Kalik Acre. We have fumbled around the answer and decided to try to better answer it here. It is a multipart answer really, no single reason really stands out for us.


1. Our truffle training patch was clear cut.  We had a very reliable, highly accessible location six miles from NW Truffle Dogs HQ. It made moving truffle dog teams from the classroom to the field a breeze.

2. Laws changed.  While NW Truffle Dogs always sought and received permission to foray on properties we practiced on, new Oregon laws make it more challenging:

3. Competition.   A number of our clients and former students started truffle dog training businesses of their own, thereby diluting a relatively small pool potential clients.

4. Ethics.  Deception and dishonesty amongst some people in truffle community created a distasteful atmosphere. If we are no longer accepting payment for training we no longer have a dog in the fight and can be honest with our students without appearing biased.

We are glad classes are full, we hope people are learning a lot and having fun. You are always welcome to give feedback about the training or the content by sending us an email or completing an on-line review.